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About Democratise Australia

John Lennon once remarked that “the left want to give the power to the people. Anyone can see that the people have the power, all we have to do is awaken the power in the people”. Knowledge is empowerment. The more the populace knows about the establishment and the world, the more power they wield to influence it.

Often when speaking to friends, acquaintences & colleagues about various issues or events I would find that there are similar types of complaint regarding flow of information. The recurring issue appeared to be that many, if not most, people I spoke to felt that their chosen news outlet was not actually informative, presenting a narrow view of any particular event and usually lacking history and context.

This was not restricted to people who paid attention to the profit media companies like Fox, Fairfax, Seven and Nine (who control a significant portion of the media dialogue in Australia). People feel similar things about the ABC and SBS (who are publicly funded).

I was one of these people. So, like many others, I tried to set out and find a reliable and informative news outlet in Australia. The Australian Independent Media Network, Independent Australia, along with a handful of small blogs was all that I could find.

Satire seemed to be the best case for starting to get informed and Youtube channels like The Juice Media, FriendlyJordies and What Are You Talking About? are hilarious and informative.

I did manage to come across the work of foreign based sites like Truthout.org DemocracyNow.org and Antiwar.com. These sites inspired me by their efforts to promote dissemination of accurate information and investigations. I felt that Australia needed a voice like these to stop the systemic injustices that are so often overlooked by the Australian news media.